Clarence Voon, Instructor & Guide

I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully- George W. Bush

Clarence Voon

Born in the third largest island in the world in Borneo (Malaysia), I have lived next to the sea for most of my life. I first started scuba diving in 2011 in the vibrant tropical waters of Sipadan and like most people was instantly hooked. Since then I have dived in Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia and now Iceland. I first arrived in this magical country in 2016 as a Divemaster Trainee and was immediately captivated by its majestic natural beauty. I have since traded the warm sunny islands in the south for this cold, desolate island in the middle of the North Atlantic! Having moved around my whole life, I am no stranger to living out of suitcases in strange locales. When I'm not diving I like to pretend I'm Dora the Explorer and check out whatever's outside, whether it's the city or the great outdoors. I also enjoy butchering the local language in a sad attempt to blend in. I am passionate about the ocean and unsurprisingly my happiest moments are out on the water when I'm sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, etc. I love challenges and the next one for me is to become an ice diver, which I have been quite obsessed with for a very long time!

Name:Clarence Voon
Title at DIVE.IS:Instructor & Guide
Employed since:May 2016
Languages:Chinese, English
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:Barracuda Point, Sipadan, Malaysia
Interests/Hobbies:Scuba diving, travelling, eating, watersports, films

What his colleagues say about Clarence


  • "Our guide Clarence was phenominal[...], couldnt be any more accommodating or knowledgeable."

  • "Quite awesome and helpful throughout. Also he never rushed us and made sure everything was done right."

  • "Fantastic guide and was extremely friendly and professional. He was very careful with ensuring all our suits were put on properly"

  • "He was very informative, helpful and just all around awesome ,[...] professional through our whole experience and make it enjoyable for us on our honeymoon!!"

  •  "I can't say enough good things about him"

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