Aron Bjarnason, Lead guide & Craftsman

Aron Bjarnason

I was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. Even though I am born in the city I try to spend as much time as I can in the highlands of Iceland with my family. Far away from civilization. I was invited for an Open water diver course a few years ago and I was hooked on diving and tourism right away. My passion has always been traveling around Iceland with either my hiking gear or divegear. Sometimes both.
Making my job as a diveguide the perfect job for me!

Name:Aron Bjarnason
Title at DIVE.IS:Lead guide & Craftsman
Employed since:Since 2009
Languages:Icelandic, English
Working area:Lead Guides
Favorite dive site:Strýtan
Interests/Hobbies:Hiking, Camping & snowboarding

What his colleagues say about Aron


  • "very informative, attentive and focused on safety. [...]worked hard to get us suited up"

  • "made every one of us feel calm and comfortable enabling us to really enjoy the diving"

  • "calm and made the whole thing easy, secure and fun.[...] easy going and helpful. Aron is the guy for everyone who might feel a little unsure about doing this."

  • "created an unbelievably friendly, warm, relaxed, and pressure-free environment for us - which made all the difference in the world for our experience. Everything was on our clock, as we were ready - and Aron went above and beyond in being helpful and reassuring."

  • "Aron was great. He explained everything very thoroughly beforehand so we knew exactly what to expect and what we were supposed to do"

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