12.1.2017 – Dive.is signs the Statement of Responsible Tourism

We are proud to announce that our Managing Director and Owner, Tobias Klose, signed the statement of Responsible Tourism on behalf of DIVE.IS on January 10th 2017 at the University of Reykjavík. There he was joined with over 250 representatives of other companies and the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, who is the patron of this project.

Responsible Tourism is an incentive project for companies connected to tourism. The participating companies in this project have agreed upon a couple clear and simple actions that will contribute to responsible and sustainable tourism.

The emphases of the Responsible Tourism project are to:

1. Treat nature with utmost respect.

2. Ensure the safety of our guests and treat them with politeness.

3. Respect the rights of workers.

4. Have a positive impact on the local community.

By signing the statement, DIVE.IS promises to contribute to and engage with these values in every way possible to protect and support the natural environment as well as the local community in Iceland.

Organisations supporting the project are Festa - The Center of Corporate Social Responsibility and Iceland Tourism in cooperation with Icelandic Tourist Board, SAF, Íslandsstofa, Stjórnstöð Ferðamála, Regional Marketing Offices of Iceland, City of Reykjavik and Safe Travel.

05.04.17 Silfra Safety Workshop 2017

On March 22nd  we had our annual safety workshop at Silfra. The aim of each safety workshop is to keep our safety and emergency procedures up to date and to practice these procedures in real-life scenarios. This year we also invited all the other companies operating at Silfra to join us, as it is important that everyone is in sync if an emergency situation arises. The day exceeded our expectations and everyone involved did a fantastic job!  We want to thank the other companies for participating and our guides for their great work. Of course all participants were invited for some grilled pulsa (i.e. hot dogs) at the end of the day !

DIVE.IS becomes a certified VAKINN member @ DIVE.IS


Iceland’s tourism and environmental quality control system, VAKINN, now officially recognizes DIVE.IS as a certified member. DIVE.IS was founded in 1997 and offers diving expeditions throughout Iceland, although the company is mainly involved with diving and snorkeling trips in the Silfra fissure at Thingvellir. The guiding principles of the company have always been to offer exceptional service, to follow the highest standards of safety, and to ensure that its practices respect the environment. The recognition from Vakinn is now further confirmation of the importance of these principles within the operations of DIVE.IS and among its employees.
Pictured are the general manager of DIVE.IS, Höskuldur Elefsen, Áslaug Briem from the Tourism Board, and the owner of DIVE.IS, Tobias Klose.

10.12.2013 – DIVE.IS conducted a Dive Against Debris Clean up Day at Silfra

Dive.is‘ first Dive Against Debris at Silfra last Sunday made good headway in the clearing of the lead shot. It may look like a small amount, but the 3 areas in Silfra where divers must have lost some shot lead out of their weight pockets look much better.

Dedicated clean up team of divers This event also created awareness amonst divers in Iceland about the negative effect these little shot lead balls can have to fish who mistake the balls for food.

Sunday turned out cold and snowy, so it was a small dedicated team of 5 that took on the lead shot challenge at Silfra. Diver collecting lead shotArmed with two spoons, a knife, a mesh bag, a small‘s container and a pair of pliers, the two buddy teams took to their areas. One team focussed on the first section, Big Crack, and the other team headed to Silfra Hall to start there and work round to the end.

It turned out to be more complex than first though, as many of the small lead balls are trapped in the small holes and cevices that are naturally found in Lava rocks. Working in 7mm mittens due to the 3°C water temp, finding a tool that would be able to get at the balls, which are between 1 and 3mm diameter, but still be easy enough to use, proved to be a challenge. We had originally thought that the balls were merely lying in dips in the rocks, but as it turned out many of them were almost embedded. Needle nosed pliers turned out to be the most successful tool, but removing one ball at a time was slow work.

Before and after As you can see from the before and after shots, a big difference was made, with a total of 252 balls being removed. After an average of 48mins in the water though, it was decided that the remaining lead shot would need to wait for a future dive. We are confident that those which are left do not pose an ingestion risk to the fish, as they are fairly firmly wedged. We are now looking into different tools to use to collect the remaining lead on a future dive. We were very grateful for the support of Þingvellir National Park both before the event and on the day and have started discussions regarding hopefully attempting to remove the debris from the other fissures in the area. Having got the ball rolling, we are planning for several clean up events in the new year.

8.12.2013 – DIVE.IS organises a Dive Against Debris Clean up Day

In just under two weeks, DIVE.IS will be hosting Icelands first official Dive Against Debris as part of our fight to clean up the underwater environments. The Project AWARE Foundation launched Dive Against Debris as a diver led global underwater survey of rubbish, designed to increase debris removal efforts and prevent harm to marine life, but also as a way to track debris quantities at specific sites. We have decided to work at a site that is very close to our heart: Silfra. With the support of Þingvellir National Park,our friend Tomás Knutson and his Blue Army and local divers, we will be working to remove all debris in the fissure, but with a specific aim to remove all lead shot and other toxic metals, such as coins, that have found their way into the water. Lead shot, which sadly has come from divers‘ shot pouches, is very harmful to the environment. It‘s size means that it can easily be ingested by both waterfowl and fish alike, which then has devastating effects on these creatures. A second, potentailly bigger concern is however that lead, even in microscopic quantities has been found to be highly toxic, causing reproductive impairment and organ and tissue damage. Along with other metals such as zinc and copper, which are found in coins, it can also poison the water, which in turn will affect all life in that ecosystem. Please come and join us on the 8th December to join in this fiddly but important mission and help keep Silfra healthy and bautiful.

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Beautiful neon green algae, Silfra, Iceland © Tobias Klose

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