Monika Jovisic, Project Manager & Dream Broker

"Do not forget to be happy" - Pablo Neruda


I am a small girl with big dreams. I was born and raised in Iceland while spending my summers in the beautiful mountains of Bosnia and warm beaches of Croatia. From early age I have had huge interest in history, specially art. I studied it for a while but I think the best way to study your interests is to see them with your own eyes. Therefor I use every opportunity to travel the world. I also use my beloved guitar as a stress release while singing along. Handball and photography are also a huge part of my life. I likes to challenge myself and chase after my goals. One of my biggest dreams and goals in life is to make a difference and make us all equal.

Name:Monika Jovisic
Title at DIVE.IS:Project Manager & Dream Broker
Nationality:Proud Bosnian Icelander
Employed since:01.09.2015
Languages:English, Icelandic, Bosnian
Working area:Office
Favorite spot on this planet:44°13'49.4"N 17°40'13.7"E - On top of the old town in Travnik, Bosnia.
Interests/Hobbies:Music, photography, handball & traveling.

What her colleagues say about Monika


  • "My saving grace, Monika, answered the phone, calmed my nerves, told me the group was waiting, and helped me navigate to the correct meeting spot."

  • "We called them and Monika was so kind and helpful on changing us to the last snorkeling group pf the day!"

  • "Monika patiently organised the trip with me and answered all questions: nothing was too much trouble."