Javier Garrido Jiménez, Instructor & Guide

“Wake up” – Donnie Darko, 2001


I was born and raised in Barcelona, and very early on I started to love exploring the outdoors, hiking the mountains and doing different sports and activities. I then got very interested in Underwater Archaeology and decided to become a professional diver to be able to dive in any place and under any circumstance, and also to discover the world and myself before starting my University degree. That decision led me to become a Dive Master in Scapa Flow, Scotland, where I operated on the wrecks of the German imperial fleet of the First World War. After that I got introduced to the DIVE.IS team and decided to take a step forward take a challenge and jump into Iceland’s cold waters and get a whole new experience.

Name:Javier Garrido Jiménez
Title at DIVE.IS:Instructor & Guide
Employed since:October 2018
Languages:Catalan, Spanish, English, French
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:Scapa Flow
Interests/Hobbies:Piano, trumpet, guitar, books, sport, animals, cinema & history.

Javier Garrido

  • "Big thanks to Javi and the rest of the kind and professional crew for a wonderful day in Thingvellir."

  • "We had a small group, only 6 of us, and the tour guide Javi was great. Very helpful and came up with solutions to all the issues we had showing he was very knowledgeable and loved what he does."

  • “Our guide Javi got to demonstrate his excellence with a really interesting, well-briefed pair of dives, as well as a calm and professional intervention when another diver had a brief equipment problem underwater (not a fault of provided kit). I'm looking forward to hiring him away as an underwater archaeologist one day.”