Andreas Langner, Instructor & Guide

When diving in the cold, wear tons of undergarment - Confucius

Portrait of Andreas Langner

After spending years in the office in Germany, I decided to discover something new and travelled the world. Accidentally I ended up trying out Scuba Diving and immediately got hooked. On my first dive ever I saw the maybe most graceful creature on this planet: the majestic Manta Ray. This life changing moment made me thinking about becoming a professional diver. Finally I am here, happy to share the beautiful Icelandic divesites with others.

Name:Andreas Langner
Title at DIVE.IS:Instructor & Guide
Employed since:May 2018
Languages:German, English
Working area:Guides
Favorite dive site:Manta Point/Nusa Penida - were I took my first breath under the water
Interests/Hobbies:mountaineering, hiking, traveling and of course diving

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